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3rd Annual Town Hall Meeting: Translating Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Into Action

2008 Town Hall Meeting Presentations & Slideshows

Click the headings next to each speaker to hear their presentation in conjunction with their slideshow.

Panel One: Understanding BABCERC Research and the Research Process

The Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers:
New Information from a New Approach to the Conduct of Science

Robert Hiatt, MD, PhD
The Role of the Scientific Method in Rational Decision Making
Paul Yaswen, PhD
Models to Study Mammary Stem Cells
Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff, PhD
Location! Location! Location!
How the Neighborhood Contributes to Breast Development and Cancer

Zena Werb, PhD
Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Puberty
A Mid-Project Report from the CYGNET* Study

Lawrence Kushi, ScD
Panel Two: Community Participation in the Research Process

California Breast Cancer Research Program - CBPR Grants and Initiatives
Marion H.E. Kavanaugh-Lynch, MD, MPH
Community-based Research for Environmental Justice
Carla M. Perez
The Right to Know in an Era of Toxic Ignorance: Ethical and Scientific Challenges for Reporting Back Personal Exposures to Environmental Chemicals
Rachel Morello-Frosch, PhD, MPH
Panel Three: From Research to Public Policy

AB 1108-Protecting Children from Toxic Toys: Local and State Victories Lead to a National Campaign
California Assemblywoman Fiona Ma
SB484: The Safe Cosmetics Act
California State Senator Carole Migden represented by Yvonne Beals (Senate District Representative)
The California Nail Salon Collaborative's Efforts to Advance Worker Health and Safety in Nail and Beauty Salon Sectors in California
Julia Liou, MPH
Keynote Speaker: Mark Schapiro

Exposing a Toxic U.S. Policy
Mark Schapiro, Author of Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power

Podcast Presentation Files

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Panel One Speakers:

Dr. Hiatt

Dr. Yaswen

Dr. Barcellos-Hoff

Dr. Werb

Dr. Kushi

Panel Two Speakers:

Dr. Kavanaugh-Lynch

Carla Perez

Dr. Morello-Frosch

Panel Three Speakers:

Assemblywoman Fiona Ma

Field Representative for Senator Carole Migden, Yvonne Beals

Julia Liou

Keynote Speaker:

Mark Schapiro

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