MBCW is an established leader in conducting breast cancer research and has redefined the way community organizations can participate in scientific studies. With a commitment to look at potential environmental causes of breast cancer, MBCW has created a unique and effective approach to breast cancer research.

MBCW has a simple belief: the people who live in a particular community can be invaluable contributors to the research process. That is why MBCW created an innovative way to conduct breast cancer research:

Completed Research Studies:


We LISTEN to the concerns of our community, then PARTNER with scientists and researchers from established institutions to conduct original breast cancer RESEARCH. Once scientific research is completed, we COMMUNICATE the findings back to the community to help prompt ACTION - either for more research studies or to impact public policy.
MBCW has collaborated with scientific researchers from the University of California, San Francisco; Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories; Kaiser Permanente; the Marin County Health Department, and many other partners to conduct breast cancer research in Marin.

What is community-based research?
Community-based research is a process by which members of a community identify a problem, engage outside researchers in a collaborative that promotes co-learning, and achieve a balance between research and action.

Bay Area Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center
In October 2003, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences funded a breast cancer research center in the Bay Area that will look at breast cancer and the environment. Learn more about this exciting research center.