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Meet Bay Area’s New Breast Cancer Organization:
Zero Breast Cancer

Marin Breast Cancer Watch Expands, Changes Name at 10th Anniversay Celebration

(San Rafael, CA) — Since its founding in 1996, Zero Breast Cancer (formerly Marin Breast Cancer Watch) has grown from a grassroots group of women concerned about the high breast cancer incidence rates in Marin County to a nationally-recognized community organization that collaborates with scientists and policy-makers in breast cancer research. Through this expansion, now Zero Breast Cancer represents Marin, Alameda, and San Francisco counties.

The evolution from Marin Breast Cancer Watch to Zero Breast Cancer was multifaceted. The organization progressed in its ability to attract community-based breast cancer research grants from local sponsors to major foundations and federal funds. This progress has accelerated particularly in the past three years as Zero Breast Cancer has established a solid reputation for leadership.

Adolescent Risk Factors Study

1997-2002 — Zero Breast Cancer partners with scientists to conduct the first breast cancer study in Marin County to investigate the period of adolescent development and environmental exposures associated with breast cancer. (Funded by the California Breast Cancer Research Program.)

2003 — The Adolescent Risk Factor Study, which compared 300 Marin women with and without breast cancer, is published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, Breast Cancer Research. The data from this study continues to be examined by regional and national breast cancer researchers.

Bay Area Breast Cancer and Environment Research Centers Network

2001-2002 — Zero Breast Cancer assumes a local and national leadership role in obtaining a multi-year federal grant for several scientific institutions in three Bay Area counties (Marin, San Francisco, Alameda) to study breast development and the effects of environmental factors on early puberty. Early puberty is associated with an elevated lifetime risk for breast cancer.

2003-2010 — Zero Breast Cancer was named as the national leader of the community outreach and scientific translation steering group. Bay Area partners include the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente of Northern California, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and Marin, San Francisco and Alameda county health departments.


2004 — Zero Breast Cancer organizes and co-sponsors a regional conference called Critical Issues in Biomonitoring. Nationally renowned speakers and public health professionals meet at UCSF Mission Bay to explore scientific and ethical concerns on this emerging technology.


2004 — Zero Breast Cancer institutes the Diverse Communities Outreach Program to expand partnerships with groups and organizations working to address breast cancer disparities and prevention. Zero Breast Cancer builds relationships with breast cancer advocacy groups in the greater Bay Area.


2003-2006 — Zero Breast Cancer organizes the Adolescent Breast Cancer Prevention, Risk Reduction and Education Program. Zero Breast Cancer conducts a peer education pilot project to disseminate developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive breast cancer messages to adolescent boys and girls. The program goal is to establish an effective education model for use by other schools and communities to persuade adolescents to practice healthy behaviors.

Breast Cancer Survivorship

2005–2010 - Zero Breast Cancer is named as a partner in the Kaiser Permanente Pathways: Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship, the largest and most comprehensive study of how factors like diet, exercise and complementary care may influence the health of women with breast cancer.

“Our name and visual identity change is a call to action,” said Janice Marie Barlow, Executive Director of Zero Breast Cancer. “It is a call to resist becoming complacent or accepting of the increasing rates of breast cancer; a call for more research on the causes of breast cancer; and a call to do everything we can to prevent and end this life threatening disease for everyone: women at risk, women with early breast cancer, women with metastatic breast cancer, black, white, tan, old, young, daughters and granddaughters.”

Zero Breast Cancer celebrated their 10th anniversary during Honor Thy Healer, an awards celebration on Thursday, May 11, 2006. The celebration honored healthcare professionals and special individuals who have played pivotal roles in helping people in their experiences with breast cancer. Marin County Supervisor Harold C. (Hal) Brown served as Honorary Chair.


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