Below are links to Web sites with important information on breast cancer.

Breast Cancer and Environment Research Centers (BCERC)
California Breast Cancer Research Program
Cornell University
Marin County Health Department
Marin Man To Man
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
National Institutes of Health
Northern California Cancer Center
Silent Spring Institute
Susan Love

Researching on the Web:

How do I do my own research and find the information I need?

The following information was provided by Anne Shew, MLS, AHIP at
an educational forum sponsored by Marin Breast Cancer Watch on
November 2, 2002.

Evaluation contents

  • Who sponsors the Web site? Are the Web site sponsors as well as
    their qualifications clearly identified? Credible sources include
    medical associations, hospitals, medical centers, and medical schools.
  • Is the site current? Has it been updated recently?
  • Is the information factual or does it represent opinions? If so,
    whose opinions are being presented? Are they qualified professionals?
  • Is the Web site intended for medical professionals or the general public?

Web Site Resources:

MedlinePlus -
Very current, from the National Library of Medicine with links
to many reputable sites - includes news, treatment, trials,
NCI's -
Current treatment protocols, trials...
California Cancer Registry
Medem -
Medical information from the nation's medical societies
American Cancer Association -
Includes Treatment Decision Tools and Breast Cancer Profiler for
personalized information
American Cancer Society -
Complementary and Alternative Methods
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center -
University of Texas Complementary /
Integrative Medicine Education Resources (CIMER)
Healthwise via Sutterhealth's sponsorship

Libraries in Marin:

Marin General Hospital provides a Medical Library and a Resource Center
(CIRCLE), available to the general public in finding the medical and wellness
information they need.

Public Libraries in Marin - Marin County Free Libraries and public libraries of
the cities in Marin.