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Breast Cancer and Environment Peer Education Module - Participant Quotes

Peer Educators: Drake High School Peer Resource Students - Thoughts on the Pilot Project

"It is really important for us to convey this information on risk factors so students can make better choices, like how to take care of your body and how healthier choices can benefit you."


"I did learn that the environment could have a large effect on breast cancer."

"I learned a lot of things that gave me hope about this issue…all the things about how people can live with breast cancer and continue to have normal lives. And that really inspired me because so many people go through it."

"Even though we're just in high school, we're changing things at our school. We can affect the world around us."


What Teachers Have Said about the Breast Cancer and Environment Peer-Education Lesson

"The students who participated in this program feel very proud of their work."
- Peer Resource Teacher, Zero Breast Cancer Peer Education Pilot Project

"Before this presentation, my students felt that they did not have much information about breast cancer, even though it is an issue in the community. Both boys and girls had positive response."


"I think that the peer presentation format is the best for this topic. There's a lot of fear about this topic, so its good to have peers come in and talk about it."

"The presentations were received very well and all of that was quite positive."

"Having a single class presentation on breast cancer fits right into the 'wellness' part of our curriculum. The materials were developmentally appropriate for 9thand 10th grade students."
- Classroom Teachers of 9th and 10th graders


An Education Administrator Reflects on the Breast Cancer and Environment Lesson Module

"Breast cancer impacts many people in the community. We've had many students who have mothers or other relatives who have breast cancer. We thought this peer education -single lesson curriculum was a good fit for our community and our school."

"There is a developmental focus to this curriculum, because the idea is to try to reach youth about the health risks they face with their behaviors, and hopefully to generalize the issues of risk behaviors to other areas as well."


Zero Breast Cancer acknowledges the Tamalpais Union High School District and the Drake High School Peer Resource and Social Issues students and teachers who have been partners in the 2006 pilot education program.

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