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Breast Cancer and Environment - Peer Education Tool Kit

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The Breast Cancer and Environment Peer Education Tool Kit is a program designed to increase awareness of breast cancer risk factors and modifiable environmental factors relevant to teens. Zero Breast Cancer created this peer education single lesson module targeted to teens, based on current breast cancer research and a formative community assessment of Marin County teachers, parents and adolescent girls. This co-educational lesson module was pilot-tested with 9th and 10th graders, in partnership with the Tamalpais Union High School District and the Sir Francis Drake High School Peer Resource program in Marin County, California. Teachers, peer educators and student participants contributed their perspectives to the project evaluation. The evaluation showed that this module significantly increased students' knowledge of breast cancer factors and risk reduction behaviors, and that students were able to develop a personal action plan with the lesson information.

Zero Breast Cancer, a non-profit organization that involves the community in the research process, has refined the module instructional materials with suggestions from teachers and students. The Breast Cancer and Environment - Peer Education Tool Kit is based on research into adolescent development and lifestyle and environmental exposures associated with lifetime breast cancer risk. Working with peer health education experts and breast cancer specialists, Zero Breast Cancer has created a groundbreaking breast cancer program that can be used by schools and health educators in communities looking for creative ways to reach teens with breast cancer risk reduction messages. The Breast Cancer and Environment - Peer Education Tool Kit lesson module can be presented in a single class lesson, or divided into a sequence of advanced preparation, peer-education activities, with follow-up classroom applications as part of a health curriculum for adolescents, ages 14 - 17.

This tool kit consists of:

  • Lesson Overview and Learning Objectives
  • Lesson Outline with Activity Options for Peer Educators and Teachers
  • Module Templates:
    Top Twelve Messages
    Background Messages for Peer Educators
    Breast Cancer Fact Sheet
    Model Teen Brochure
    Personal Action Plan
    Evaluation Survey
  • Resource Materials List
  • Breast Cancer and Environment References

The Breast Cancer and Environment - Peer Education Tool Kit has been developed with funding from the Avon Foundation, the NIEHS Bay Area Breast Cancer and Environment Research Center, To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation, the Marin Community Foundation, and Zero Breast Cancer community supporters. Zero Breast Cancer collaborated with students and teachers from Sir Francis Drake High School Peer Resource and the Tamalpais Union High School District in Marin County, California, in the pilot project evaluation of this lesson module. Community advisors from Kaiser Permanente, the Marin Cancer Institute, the UCSF Cancer Risk Program, and breast cancer advocates contributed to the lesson curriculum. Project consultants were Meyla Ruwin, Ira Sachnoff, and Dr. Martin Forst, Program Evaluator. The Zero Breast Cancer Board and Staff, Janice Barlow-Executive Director, and Susan Schwartz -Education Director are acknowledged for their commitment to the Adolescent Breast Cancer Education Program, 2003-2006.

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Table of Contents

Tool Kit Home Page

Letter to Educators

Peer Resource Students - Quotes

Lesson Description & Learning Objectives

Lesson Outline

Peer Education Activity Samples:

Breast Cancer Messages for Teens:

Glossary and Terms:

Lesson Handouts:

Personal Action Plan

Lesson Evaluation Survey

Instructional Resources - Materials Order List


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