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Breast Cancer Information Resources

Zero Breast Cancer is dedicated to providing the community with access to information and resources about breast cancer and prevention.


Breast Cancer and the Environment
Information and Resources

Cancer & the Environment: What You Need to Know, What You Can Do

This booklet, produced by the National Cancer Institute, discusses the substances in the environment that cause cancer, how they are identified and studied, and what can be done to lower cancer risk.

> Click here to view this booklet.


Breast Cancer & the Estrogen Connection

Cornell University produced three videos discussing environmental estrogen exposures and breast cancer.

> Click here to view the video clips


Fact Sheets

Zero Breast Cancer has compiled information on a number of topics that are related or relevant to breast cancer. Each fact sheet is available for download below in PDF format.


PBDE Exposure

Biophysical Chemist Arlene Blum has immersed herself in evaluating the costs and benefits of use of and exposure to fire retardant chemicals. Her conclusion? Fire may not be the bigger hazard. Fire safety regulations born of good intentions have created a persistent biological threat. This article will provide data to help assess the costs and benefits of adding these chemicals to consumer products.

Click Here to Read the Article on PBDEs


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