Community Based Research

What really sets MBCW apart from other breast cancer organizations is its commitment to pursuing community-based research and education right here in Marin County. MBCW believes that those people closest to the problem are best able to provide the most reliable information. Research should be conducted with the community, not on the community. When information is gathered, it must be shared with those affected and presented in an honest manner.

Marin Breast Cancer Watch is currently participating in the following research:

Adolescent Risk Factors Study:
In collaboration with the University of San Francisco (UCSF) Department of Epidemiology, MBCW is conducting a research study of adolescent risk factors in the development of breast cancer - an area where little research is being conducted. The study compares the teen years of 300 women with breast cancer with 300 women who do not have breast cancer. The results will be available in Summer 2002. The funding source for this project is the California Department of Health Services Cancer Research Program.

Marin Breast Cancer Research Collaborative:
This group, formed in November 2001, consists of MBCW, the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UCSF, UC Berkeley School of Public Health and other scientists and community leaders. Its purpose is to bring together community members and scientists to address community concerns about the high incidence rates of breast cancer in Marin County and share information. As a member of the Collaborative, Marin Breast Cancer Watch received funds to conduct the Marin Environmental Study through the California Department of Health Services Cancer Research Program (CRP).

Marin Environmental Data Study (MEDS):
The project is compiling existing environmental information into a database to be used in future research projects designed to explore possible environmental links to breast cancer. As part of the project the Marin community is being asked to share experiences and information to help build the database. MBCW applied through Marin County Health Department for special funding from the California Department of Health Services Cancer Research Program (CRP).

Nipple Aspirate Fluid Collection Pilot Study:
In April 2001, MBCW in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory applied to the Susan Love MD Breast Cancer Foundation for funding of a pilot study that will incorporate collection of nipple aspirate fluid (NAF) as part of the PERFS pilot study. The funds provided by the Susan Love MD Breast Cancer Foundation will be used to support the analysis of pesticides in NAF and the purchase of NAF collection equipment.

Personal Environmental Risk Factor Study (PERFS):
The purpose of this community research collaboration is to develop a questionnaire and other tools that can be used to assess the relationship between breast cancer risk and exposure to selected personal environmental risk factors (e.g., home and workplace exposures, food, personal care products). The funding source for this project is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Marin County Incidence Map

The Marin County Department of Health and Human Services have created an incidence map of invasive breast cancer in Marin County for years 1988-1992. Click here for more information.

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