Critical Issues in Biomonitoring - a Community Forum
Biomonitoring Forum

October 9, 2023

UCSF Mission Bay Campus
San Francisco, CA

This forum will bring together environmental health and breast cancer advocates, academic and community-based researchers, public health professionals, public policy leaders, health educators, ethicists, and community members to facilitate a dialogue on important issues relevant to biomonitoring.

Forum Goals

  1. To inform and educate participants from a variety of perspectives on the risks and benefits of biomonitoring
  2. To facilitate an interactive exchange of information and concerns related to biomonitoring among participants.
  3. To identify opportunities for participants to engage in future decision making activities related to biomonitoring.
  4. To identify partnerships interested in collaborating in future community based, participatory research studies using biomonitoring.
  5. To develop recommendations and next steps on identified areas of interest and concern related to biomonitoring.

Who should attend?

Community members, community based and advocacy organizations, health care providers, academicians, researchers, industry representatives, state and local government officials and others interested in learning more about biomonitoring, and engaging in stimulating dialogue about the risks and benefits of biomonitoring and the attendant ethical and policy concerns.


We would like to thank the community and scientific members of the Biomonitoring Advisory Board who actively participated in the planning and implementation of this community forum. Without their expertise, their time and their energy, this forum could not have been possible.

   Paul English, Ph.D MPH
   Kathy Koblick, MPH
   Robert A.Hiatt, MD, Ph.D.
   David Hoffman
   Janice Barlow, R.N.
   Peter Flessel, Ph.D.
   Anh Thu Quach, MPH
   William Draper PhD
   Peggy Reynolds, Ph.D
   Sharyle Patton BA
   Diana Lee, MPH, RD
   Fern Orenstein, M.ED

Thanks to Christine Arnesen for her assistance in organizing this Forum.