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Zero Breast Cancer’s Accomplishments 2008

Since our beginning, Zero Breast Cancer has sought out, supported and nurtured relationships with exceptionally talented and dedicated breast cancer researchers. We have played a central role in motivating and sustaining breast cancer research efforts here in Marin County. We have opened new doors by advocating for new research directions and by seeking out new energy, new funding and new resources to address our community’s concerns about Marin’s historically high rates of breast cancer. Successfully, we have connected local and national breast cancer research to community concerns and have promoted community awareness, education, and public action.

Our goal has been to include those directly and potentially affected by breast cancer throughout the research process. No other breast cancer organization or community agency matches the degree to which Zero Breast Cancer has brought community members and scientists together through educational forums, town hall meetings, community meetings, mapping workshops, community advisory boards and research studies. Through our newsletter, with a circulation of 4,000, our website and community presentations, we have endeavored to place the results of breast cancer research into the hands of the community so that these findings can inform personal and public decision-making processes.

Zero Breast Cancer's mission is to find the causes of breast cancer though community participation in the research process. Working toward that goal, our 2008 highlights and accomplishments include:

  • Assuming both a local and national leadership role in the Bay Area Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center collaborative study with UCSF and Northern California Kaiser Permanente

  • Partnering with Northern California Kaiser Permanente on the largest prospective study on Breast Cancer Survivorship in the Bay Area

  • Hosting the third annual public education forum attended by community members and researchers from the Bay Area Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center

  • Sponsoring a stem cell conference in partnership with Dominican University of California

  • Increasing awareness about breast cancer and the role environmental stressors play in the development of breast cancer through our educational materials, interviews and feature stories in the media, publication of a biannual newsletter and our website,

  • Creating a bilingual breast cancer education brochure for Latina adolescents

  • Collaborating with a small, entrepreneurial research and software company to develop new tools for investigating the role of residency history in breast cancer incidence

  • Participating on numerous Bay Area Scientific and Community Advisory Boards (UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center, Community Advisory Board; Northern California Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, Gene, Environment and Health Initiative Community Advisory Board; Marin County Department of Health and Human Services, Steering Committee, Marin Women's Study; and Marin Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Survivorship Community Advisory Board)

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