Monday, October 7

  • Janice Barlow, Executive Director Marin Breast Cancer Watch
  • Patricia Buffler, Ph.D., UCB School of Public Health, NIEHS Berkeley Center
  • Kenneth Olden, Ph.D., National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Moderator: Belva Davis, KQED
1:30-2:30--Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality: A Geographic Overview
  • The International Perspective: Patricia Buffler, Ph.D., NIEHS Berkeley Center
  • California GIS Incidence Study: Peggy Reynolds, Ph.D., California, California Department of Health
  • San Francisco Bay Area Kaiser Breast Cancer Rates: Larry Kushi, Ph.D., Kaiser Epidemiology Research Department
  • Marin County: Tina Clarke, Ph.D., Northern California Cancer Center
  • Using Biomarkers to Understand Breast Cancer Incidence Rates: Dr. Chris Benz, M.D., Buck Institute for Age Research
2:30-2:45--Open Microphone / Questions and Answers


3:00-4:30--Community Response: Models of Action

Marin County:
  • Marin County Breast Cancer Study of Adolescent Risk Factors
    Margaret Wrensch, Ph.D., University of California San Francisco
  • Breast Cancer and Personal Environmental Risk Factors in Marin County
    Georgianna Farren, M.D., Marin Breast Cancer Watch
  • Traditional Risk Factor Study
    Christine Erdmann, Ph.D., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Bill Satariano, Ph.D., University of California Berkeley (invited)
    Marin Breast Cancer Research Collaborative Overview
  • Rochelle Ereman, M.P.H.
    Marin County Department Health and Human Services
  • Dietary Indole Effects on Postmenopausal Women in Marin County
    Kathie Dalessandri, M.D.,University of California Berkeley
San Francisco County : Bayview Hunters' Point
  • Rajiv Bhatia, M.D., San Francisco County Health Department
  • Karen Goodson Pierce, Bayview Hunters Point Health and Environmental Assessment Task Force, San Francisco
4:30-4:45--Open Microphone/Questions and Answers


Tuesday, October 8

8:30--Check in/ register

9:00--Welcome/Opening remarks
  • Janice Barlow, Marin Breast Cancer Watch
  • Martyn Smith, Ph.D., NIEHS Berkeley Center
  • Ken Olden, Ph.D, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Moderator: Marjorie Plumb
9:10-9:30--International Breast Cancer Summit
  • International Summit on Breast Cancer and Recommendations: Patricia Buffler, Ph.D., NIEHS Berkeley Center
9:30-10:15--Community voices
  • Lila Kraft
  • Christine Schadlick
  • Community Based Participatory Research: Fern Orenstein, Marin Breast Cancer Watch
  • Brenda Eskenzi Ph.D.
  • Selene Jaramillo, invited
  • Center of Excellence for Childrens' Environmental Health: Collaboration with community organizations
10:15-10:30--Open Microphone/Questions and Answers


10:45-11:45--Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors
  • Dietary Compounds and Estrogen Metabolism: Christine Skibola, Ph.D., NIEHS Berkeley Center, UCB SPH
  • Womens' Health Initiative and Hormonal Aspects in Breast Cancer, Bette Caan, Ph.D., Kaiser Epidemiology Research Department
  • Breast cancer and environmental risk factors, Dioxin/Seveso Study, Marcy Warner, Ph.D., School of Public Health, University of California Berkeley
  • State of the Evidence: What is the Connection Between Chemicals and Breast Cancer? The Breast Cancer Fund and Breast Cancer Action
11:45--Noon Open Microphone/Questions and Answers

12:00-12:45--Lunch on your own

12:45-1:15--Mapping the Environment: New Tools
  • New Tools: Geographic Information Science, John Radke, Ph.D., Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Science, University of California, Berkeley
  • GIS Public Health Use and Implications in Breast Cancer, Peggy Reynolds, Ph.D., California Dept. of Health
1:15-1:35--Environmental Exposure Assessment
  • Exposure Analysis: Identifying Links Between Exposure and Dose, Randy Maddalena, Ph.D., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1:35-2:15--Open Microphone/Questions and Answers


2:30-3:30--Panel Discussion: Working Together
  • Albert Boro, Mayor, San Rafael invited
  • Larry Meredith, Ph.D., Marin County Department of Human and Human Services
  • Marin County Board of Supervisors, invited
  • Joe Nation, Assemblyman, Marin & Sonoma, invited
  • Ken Olden, Ph.D., NIH National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
3:30-4:00--Closing & Wrap-up
  • Janice Barlow/Ken Olden
    • What have we learned over the last 2 days
    • Committing to work together