Critical Issues in Biomonitoring - a Community Forum
Biomonitoring Forum

Conference Program

Through plenary sessions, panel presentations, question and answer periods and small group discussions, this community forum will provide opportunities among both speakers and participants for dialogue, problem solving and future planning in regard to biomonitoring, community-based, participatory research and environmental health.

Plenary and panel discussants comprise a mix of government, academic, community-based researchers and community advocates. The small discussion groups will be organized according to panel topics.

8:00 am   Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:15 am Welcome: Janice Barlow, Executive Director, Marin Breast Cancer Watch and Honorable Lynn Woolsey
8:30 am

Opening Plenary: “Biomonitoring”
Richard Jackson, MD, MPH

9:10 am

“Scientific and Laboratory Issues”
Larry Needham, Ph.D

Questions and Answers

9:45 am

“Methods, Benefits and Challenges of Biomonitoring in Public Health and in Research” This panel will provide an overview of the complexities of using biomonitoring in public health surveillance and in research studies.

Panelists: Peggy Reynolds, Ph.D.; Paul English, Ph.D MPH; Patrice Sutton, MPH; Mary Wolff, Ph.D

Questions and Answers

11:10 am Break
11:30 am

“Engaging Communities in Biomonitoring Research and Advocacy Efforts” This panel will highlight specific approaches aimed at incorporating community participation into biomonitoring research and public policy advocacy.

Panelists: Sharyl Patton, BA; Cliff Johnson, MSPH; Fern Orenstein, M.ED; Romel Pascual, MA; Alicia Salvatore, MPH

1:00 pm

Lunch/Keynote Presentation
Assemblywoman Wilma Chan

2:00 pm

Community Research Ethics in Environmental Public Health”
Dianne Quigley, MA, and Lori Copan, RPh, MPH, AE-C

Questions and Answers

3:00 pm Break
3:20 pm Small group discussions focused on deepening participants' understanding of the issues and developing follow up activities
4:45 pm Evaluation and Closing
5:00 pm Reception