Critical Issues in Biomonitoring - a Community Forum
Biomonitoring Forum

Human biological monitoring, commonly referred to as biomonitoring, is the measurement of chemicals or their break down products in the human tissues or fluids; for example, in blood, urine, saliva, or breast milk. When combined with other exposure and toxicological information, biomonitoring can advance our knowledge about environmental impacts on health. Biomonitoring has the potential to make a significant contribution to the research on the role environmental factors play in the development of breast cancer. It can help to answer public health questions such as: what are we exposed to and how much; what are the relationships between exposure and disease; are some groups more highly exposed than the general population; how effective are public health regulatory and education programs in reducing exposure to certain chemicals; can biomonitoring help to validate and improve models used to estimate exposure? While biomonitoring can be a useful adjunct to other public health approaches and is considered by some to be the ‘gold standard' for exposure assessment, there are many uncertainties inherent in the measurements and interpretation of the results.

This Biomonitoring Community Forum will present an arena to discuss both the opportunities and the concerns associated with biomonitoring. It will:

  • present up to date information about the art and science of biomonitoring,
  • provide a forum for participants from a variety of perspectives and with varying expertise an opportunity to discuss the scientific, ethical and public policy issues related to biomonitoring.